Bunch of Amateurs: A Search for the American Character

Bunch of Amateurs: A Search for the American Character

Jack Hitt

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0307393755

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


America’s self-invented tinkerers are back at it in their metaphorical garages—fiddling with everything from solar-powered cars to space elevators. In Bunch of Amateurs, Jack Hitt visits a number of different garages and has written a fascinating book that looks at America’s current batch of amateurs and their pursuits. From a tattooed young woman in the Bay Area trying to splice a fish’s glow-in-the-dark gene into common yogurt (all done in her kitchen using salad spinners)
to a space fanatic on the brink of developing the next generation of telescopes from his mobile home, Hitt not only tells the stories of people in the grip of a passion but argues that America’s history is bound up in a cycle of amateur surges.

Beginning with Ben Franklin’s kite and leading all the way to the current TV hit American Idol, Hitt argues that the nation’s
love of self-invented obsessives has always driven the country to rediscover the true heart of the American dream. Amateur pursuits are typically lamented as a world that just passed until a Sergey Brin or Mark Zuckerberg steps out of his garage (or dorm room) with the rare but crucial success story. In Bunch of Amateurs, Hitt argues that America is now poised to pioneer at another frontier that will lead, one more time, to the newest version of the American dream.

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that a gas station? Frustration inaugurated my trip to the odd trailer park and quickly developed into a leitmotif. Looking innovation square in the face turns out to be like spotting a shooting star, fairly gone by the time you see it. My imaginative idea of a village of inventors at work in their sheds was belied by my visit. The Rinconada Trailer Park, for instance, had, besides Genet, only one other tenant, the landlord himself—giving the visit a Hitchcockian air. When I parked my rental in

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