The Last Soldiers of the Cold War: The Story of the Cuban Five

The Last Soldiers of the Cold War: The Story of the Cuban Five

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1781688761

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here is the story of political prisoners finally freed in December 2014, after being held captive by the United States since the late 1990s.

Through the 1980s and 1990s, violent anti-Castro groups based in Florida carried out hundreds of military attacks on Cuba, bombing hotels and shooting up Cuban beaches with machine guns. The Cuban government struck back with the Wasp Network—a dozen men and two women—sent to infiltrate those organizations.

The Last Soldiers of the Cold War tells the story of those unlikely Cuban spies and their eventual unmasking and prosecution by US authorities. Five of the Cubans received long or life prison terms on charges of espionage and murder. Global best-selling Brazilian author Fernando Morais narrates the riveting tale of the Cuban Five in vivid, page-turning detail, delving into the decades-long conflict between Cuba and the US, the growth of the powerful Cuban exile community in Florida, and a trial that eight Nobel Prize winners condemned as a travesty of justice.

The Last Soldiers of the Cold War is both a real-life spy thriller and a searching examination of the Cold War’s legacy.

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impasse with unpredictable consequences. What General Bermúdez could never have imagined, however, was that Fidel would react with an extraordinary decision. The response came in a short article published on the front page of the April 4 edition of Granma, which ended in an unusual way: In view of the Peruvian government’s refusal to hand over the delinquents who caused the death of the soldier Pedro Ortiz Cabrera, the Cuban government reserves the right to withdraw the embassy’s protective

were already watching and gathering information on around ten addresses scattered around Miami, Key West and Tampa. The discovery of this shady ring of informants poses an unanswered question: what leads could the American police have used to get to the secret agents? On the Cuban side, the officials at the DSS swear to have no details that might help uncover the mystery. In Miami the enigma still remains, since the FBI has refused to make public any information other than copies of the vast

“What do you do there?” “I’m a salesman.” “What’s your salary?” “Nine dollars an hour, fixed, plus commission. All told, it comes to a little more than two thousand dollars a month.” “Where did you study?” “Always in San Juan. From 1972 to 1979 I went to kindergarten and then I did first to sixth grade at the Eugenio María de Hostos School, on Constitution Street, between Cojimar and Camagüey, in Hato Rey. Primary school I did between 1979 and 1982 at the Rafael María de Labra School at

suspicious when he gave lame answers to her direct questions. So as not to have to give explanations, Roque alleged that there were “certain things” it was better she didn’t know. His wife also found it strange that his personal standard of living had gone up, well above that of their joint life, which continued to be modest. Roque had begun wearing designer clothes and often arrived home with expensive accessories, like his $3,000 Rolex Submariner watch. The dilapidated Toyota Corolla was

underground world of terrorism as Solo: one of Luis Posada Carriles’s noms de guerre. The article also affirmed that the funding for the terrorist actions against Cuba—explosives, plane tickets, accommodation and hiring of mercenaries—came from the Cuban American National Foundation vaults. Even after confirming the accusations in an interview to the New York Times, Posada Carriles—whose other codenames were Ramón Medina, Ignacio Medina, Bambi, Basilio and Lupo—was still freely walking the

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